Diseases linked to the vegetarian diet

According to some researchers, vegetarianism is a healthy and long-lasting diet. It is also common to find diseases that are directly related to the vegetarian diet. In the following article, we present some of the diseases that vegetarians suffer from.

The risk of inflammation and cancer

What many people do not know is that the vegetarian diet does not only have advantages. Apart from the deficiencies that the vegetarian diet can cause, it can also lead to heart problems and even inflammation. Recent studies have shown that families who have adopted a vegetarian diet for several years or generations are likely to develop heart problems in their offspring. Indeed, when the vegetarian diet has been in place for generations, the DNA itself undergoes changes. Part of the human genome is thus modified. This progressive mutation of the human genome causes a high production of arachidonic acid. This acid is known to promote cancer and inflammatory diseases. It should be noted that this mutation of the genome cannot affect people who have been vegetarians for some years. The people most affected by these effects today are the people of East Asia, the people of Africa and some people of India.

The risks of consuming omega-6 fatty acids

Omega 6 fatty acids are very present in plant products. The consumption of these fatty acids can be a real danger for the body. Animal products are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They are essential for the proper functioning of the various organs. The vegetarian diet establishes a quasi-suppression of these fatty acids to the detriment of those omega 6. This favours the secretion of arachidonic acids, favouring the development of inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases. When you are a vegetarian or when you want to start this adventure, you must consume vegetable oils that contain the least omega 6 fatty acids.

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